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Icon Commissions!
Here are some examples of my Icon commissions. My Icon commissions are 10 point a piece. So cheap almost anyone can afford them who has points! ;) (By the way, if you don't have enough points and are still interested, I'm open for art trades!
Reference Sheet Commissions!
Here is an example of my reference sheet o my MLP OC, Princess Solar Eclipse. My reference sheet commissions are as expensive as my Full body and coloring commissions! They will take about the same amount of time to create as the body pictures.
Head and Coloring Commissions!
These commissions will be 20 points a piece. Cheaper then the full body, but more expensive then my Icon Commissions! :)
Full Body and Coloring Commissions!
Full body and coloring commissions take longer than just a head or an icon commission, so they may be a bit more expensive than my other commissions! But I promise I will work quickly and efficiently to get your commission/s done! :D

Newest Deviations

Tie-DyeCanvas- Ref. Sheet by Purplepurple99 Tie-DyeCanvas- Ref. Sheet :iconpurplepurple99:Purplepurple99 1 1 Tired Tie-Dye by Purplepurple99 Tired Tie-Dye :iconpurplepurple99:Purplepurple99 1 0 Tie-DyeCanvas Gallop Cycle by Purplepurple99 Tie-DyeCanvas Gallop Cycle :iconpurplepurple99:Purplepurple99 0 0 Tie-DyeCanvas Trot Cycle by Purplepurple99 Tie-DyeCanvas Trot Cycle :iconpurplepurple99:Purplepurple99 1 0 Tie-DyeCanvas Walk Cycle by Purplepurple99 Tie-DyeCanvas Walk Cycle :iconpurplepurple99:Purplepurple99 1 1 My NEW Mlp OC: Tie-DyeCanvas! Ref. Sheet by Purplepurple99 My NEW Mlp OC: Tie-DyeCanvas! Ref. Sheet :iconpurplepurple99:Purplepurple99 3 2
Let it Go (Nightmare Moon Lyrics)
The moon glows bright in the skyline tonight, not a cloud is to be seen.
A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I’m the queen.
The wind is howling like this raging power inside.
Couldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I tried..
Don’t let it in, don’t let them see, be the princess you always had to be.
Conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know.
Well, now they know!
Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore.
Let it go, let it go, fly away and try no more.
Here I am, and here I stay. Darkness shall rage on… The night never bothered me anyway!
It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small, and the fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at all.
It’s time to see what I can do, make darkness push all the way through.
No light, no more fake smiles from me… I’m free!
Let it go, let it go, I am one with the moon and sky!
Let it go, let it go,
:iconpurplepurple99:Purplepurple99 2 6
The Demi-Date!
Full Summary: This One-Shot is based on the relationship between Trunks and Pan. They are really good friends and have been for a long time, but they are both lacking something that they never knew they needed. Love! The two demi-Saiyians always figured they had someone special out in the world waiting for them, but they had never fathomed it might be each other! Enjoy this sweet One-shot. If I get enough reviews I might make a sequel or possibly continue more chapters! ^-^ Enjoy!
First off, Pan is Goku and Chichi's daughter. This is the first fic I have written where it is this way, but let's give it a shot!
Ages of main characters:
Trunks- 17
Pan- 15
Pan woke up to something soft tickling her cheek. She fluttered her eyes open and saw something long, fuzzy, and lavender whipping lightly in front of her face.
"AAAH!" Pan yelped, sitting up from her laying position and pushed the flailing thing away from herself. Trunks opened his eyes and looked to his side
:iconpurplepurple99:Purplepurple99 1 0
Aisupurinsesu and Purantokingu by Purplepurple99 Aisupurinsesu and Purantokingu :iconpurplepurple99:Purplepurple99 3 2 Amaturasu- God of the Sun by Purplepurple99 Amaturasu- God of the Sun :iconpurplepurple99:Purplepurple99 4 2 ~Experiment 306~ by Purplepurple99 ~Experiment 306~ :iconpurplepurple99:Purplepurple99 4 6 Irraca Rerefrence Sheet by Purplepurple99 Irraca Rerefrence Sheet :iconpurplepurple99:Purplepurple99 0 0 Human Pikachu by Purplepurple99 Human Pikachu :iconpurplepurple99:Purplepurple99 1 0 Princess Solar Eclipse Ref. by Purplepurple99 Princess Solar Eclipse Ref. :iconpurplepurple99:Purplepurple99 5 4 Josie Fanart by Purplepurple99 Josie Fanart :iconpurplepurple99:Purplepurple99 0 0
Could it be More (incomplete)
Here is my Fanfiction story I am currently writing called, "Could it be More". You can find me on from this link! --->
Here is comes!
Chapter 1: Catching Up
Pan: 16
Marron: 19
Bra: 17
Trunks: 23
Goten: 20
Uub: 22
Pan awoke from her slumber by a knock at her bedroom door. "Pan? Are you awake?" she heard her mother's muffled voice sound. "Well, I am now!" she said, throwing a pillow at the door. She just wanted to sleep in. It was the weekend and she dreaded school. "There is a phone call for you, but I don't know who it is." Videl said, opening the door slightly as she did so. "Tell them I'll call them back later." She said, grabbing her covers and pulling them over her head. "Pan, I know it's the weekend, but you need to wake up now. It's 12:00!" Her mother continued to nag. She made her way to the side of her fei
:iconpurplepurple99:Purplepurple99 0 0


[Vidis] Lightning Returns.Contest by Kairi-H [Vidis] Lightning Returns.Contest :iconkairi-h:Kairi-H 242 25 Everyone's Welcome... Except For You!- NKTR by genaminna Everyone's Welcome... Except For You!- NKTR :icongenaminna:genaminna 19 12 Lightning, Knight of the Goddess by Anadia-Chan Lightning, Knight of the Goddess :iconanadia-chan:Anadia-Chan 2,206 139 FF XIII Lightning progress by Angelstorm-82 FF XIII Lightning progress :iconangelstorm-82:Angelstorm-82 511 63 Etro's guardian by Angelstorm-82 Etro's guardian :iconangelstorm-82:Angelstorm-82 401 33 The Place we Call Home by Lnferni The Place we Call Home :iconlnferni:Lnferni 30 8 Trunks by JeyDS Trunks :iconjeyds:JeyDS 486 39 Caballo by raphaelss Caballo :iconraphaelss:raphaelss 8 2 trunks by heavenhellexe trunks :iconheavenhellexe:heavenhellexe 37 9 Future Trunks by Moon-MayCry Future Trunks :iconmoon-maycry:Moon-MayCry 77 35 Sexy Trunks by Moon-MayCry Sexy Trunks :iconmoon-maycry:Moon-MayCry 58 43 Let's Start An Adventure! by TxPSupporter Let's Start An Adventure! :icontxpsupporter:TxPSupporter 70 3 DBGT: TP- Heres Lookin at You by lauraneato DBGT: TP- Heres Lookin at You :iconlauraneato:lauraneato 269 37 Ch.20, TP- A Real Wedding Kiss by lauraneato Ch.20, TP- A Real Wedding Kiss :iconlauraneato:lauraneato 120 24 I see food... by cricketumpire I see food... :iconcricketumpire:cricketumpire 643 137


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Hey guys! I just created a forum for wolf lovers! It's a place where hopefully, other wolf lovers like myself can Role-Play in the fantasy world of the PackOfAmity!

Here's the Link to the site! --->

Be sure to log in on Proboards, or create an account. It's easy, and as far as I know completely safe!

First, pick your character before any roleplaying starts! I pre-made some characters so you won't have to worry about making your own or having to figure out what it looks like or something like that. So far I have created personalities and appearances for 8 characters! You can find them on the main thread of the site. They each have a link taking you to what the characters look like. The ones that say "Taken by No-One" are up for grabs! Notify me once you pick your character so I can put your Proboards username next to it. No one will be able to claim that character but you! Remeber, ONLY ONE CHARACTER PER PERSON unless given permssion by an admin! (Which is basically just me for now xD)

Enjoy yourself, and feel free to ask any questions about the role-play on my DeviantART page, or on the Proboards website.

Come have fun and role-play with me!


by Lunewen

Wow, I cannot express how gorgeous this is! You haven't even finished it either.... Please keep updating on this, it looks magnificent!...

by Lunewen

Omg this is so amazing! I am horrible at animation so I give you kuddos on that for sure. :hug: The entire motion is very smooth and I can ...


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United States
Hey, My name is Bryn. I'm just a 14 year-old who loves to draw and write, and is probably close to being obsessed with MLP.... I have been on DA for over a year now, and the whole experience has just been great! There are really nice people and I thank all my fav'ers and watchers. Love you guys! Oh, and feel free to check out my gallery and favs. If you want to join KittiesOfStarClan because you like warrior cats, just note me. ;) I'm open for art trade3s if anyone is interested, and my commissions are also open!

Come and Role-Play PackOfAmity Wolves with me on my Forum!

Come and RP warrior cats with me! ;D -->…


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Haha, it's fine! I understand you are getting curious! Here's the thing: I haven't been able to post ANY art or draw ANYthing or work on ANYthing... School has been killing me lately. After school lets out, (In about a week) I'll have all the time in the world to work on things! There are a few other people waiting on icons as well, so please bare with me! :) I promise I haven't forgotten about our trade. Please don't think that! But I appreciate all your patience. Thank you for understanding! :hug:
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